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safe295022 solo118289 female115891 pony95380 twilight sparkle58274 mare52124 rainbow dash50501 pinkie pie46947 fluttershy42659 oc42430 rarity36007 simple background35583 clothes35552 applejack34717 pegasus31082 nudity30766 male30688 oc only29105 explicit29080 unicorn25548 shipping24627 earth pony24383 human23803 screencap23611 humanized23163 comic21225 breasts19876 transparent background19568 princess luna19210 princess celestia18966 photo18615 monochrome17698 alicorn17014 animated16962 suggestive16950 irl16820 spike16778 solo female16628 anthro16482 blushing16392 smiling16142 derpy hooves16065 meme15068 edit15006 vector14826 lesbian14815 straight14528 crossover14256 cute13881 scootaloo13600 exploitable meme13326 questionable12995 apple bloom11954 sweetie belle11740 filly11366 penis11282 nipples11212 trixie10887 text10605 tumblr10419 traditional art9883 plot9694 image macro9226 vagina9167 stallion9111 ponified8604 white background8352 edited screencap8180 lyra heartstrings8172 sex8149 dead source8109 hat7943 absurd resolution7916 anus7865 open mouth7739 eyes closed7663 equestria girls7650 looking at you7356 vulva7213 grimdark7200 crying7108 ask7058 irl human7046 dj pon-36880 vinyl scratch6880 twilight sparkle (alicorn)6859 cum6639 big macintosh6577 cosplay6555 magic6456 queen chrysalis6428 discord6314 duo6044 glasses6021 meta5935 sketch5927 mane six5915 artist needed5826 bipedal5794 dress5777 princess cadance5655 parody5453 tongue out5401 high res5337 toy5331 underwear5164 sitting5105 octavia melody5089 g14960 balls4895 bedroom eyes4794 wat4773 dragon4766 belly button4747 flying4708 pinkamena diane pie4629 book4594 panties4529 heart4516 cloud4494 fluffy pony4451 blood4436 grayscale4435 changeling4391 semi-grimdark4346 vulgar4284 cutie mark crusaders4245 shining armor4193 bon bon4136 sweetie drops4136 rule 634128 sad4104 vaginal secretions4100 30 minute art challenge4053 plushie4025 wallpaper4025 oral3942 spread wings3931 wings3891 floppy ears3890 caption3798 tv meme3781 socks3778 sleeping3712 dialogue3686 hub logo3665 nightmare moon3639 bed3633 food3613 youtube caption3599 unicorn twilight3473 kissing3425 hooves3333 cutie mark3299 hug3247 happy3222 equestria girls (movie)3184 on back3164 raised hoof3140 grin3137 grotesque3089 unguligrade anthro3070 spitfire3031 doctor whooves3026 pixiv3025 time turner3025 prone2997 bondage2993 blowjob2977 looking back2946 stockings2943 intersex2930 futa2912 foal2910 fat2894 artist:johnjoseco2893 source needed2888 reaction image2878 moon2859 frown2781 costume2753 foalcon2748 cheerilee2734 custom2704 skirt2704 sex toy2685 griffon2665 ass2654 weapon2635 apple2631 mouth hold2623 angel bunny2586 king sombra2557 younger2521 soarin'2515 tree2480 gilda2471 cropped2436 underhoof2434 idw2433 zebra2416 generation leap2413 night2407 crotchboobs2405 gun2347 alternate hairstyle2331 angry2312 solo male2285 older2278 zecora2276 horn2263 cleavage2261 drool2259 alicorn oc2252 gay2232 artist:megasweet2228 winged humanization2228 diamond tiara2205 3d2198 g32198 armor2175 carrot top2175 golden harvest2175 balloon2173 s1 luna2173 presenting2169 changeling queen2140 anal2123 big breasts2112 wide eyes2110 bust2101 armpits2060 colored2060 sunglasses2047 goggles2035 interspecies2025 portrait2021 cloudy2002 fanfic1997 /mlp/1980 flower1975 licking1966 sweat1966 vaginal1965 babs seed1952 berry punch1952 berryshine1948 collar1943 muffin1941 species swap1887
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Field SelectorTypeDescriptionExample
alias_ofLiteralMatches the name of the target tag, if this tag is aliased.alias_of:twilight sparkle
aliasedBooleanMatches when this tag is aliased.aliased:true
aliasesLiteralMatches the name of any of this tag's aliases.aliases:ts
analyzed_nameFull TextMatches the name of this tag. This is the default field.analyzed_name:wing
categoryLiteralMatches the category this tag belongs to.category:origin
descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the full description for this tag.description:species
idNumeric RangeMatches the numeric surrogate key for this
imagesNumeric RangeMatches tags with the specified image count.images.lte:1000
implied_byLiteralMatches this tag if it is implied by the given tag.implied_by:transparent background
impliesLiteralMatches this tag if it implies the given tag.implies:shipping
nameLiteralMatches the exact name of this
name_in_namespaceLiteralMatches the name of this tag with any namespace component removed.name_in_namespace:johnjoseco
namespaceLiteralMatches tags with the given namespace.namespace:artist
short_descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the short description for this tag.short_description:gender
slugLiteralMatches the slug of this tag.slug:-fwslash-mlp-fwslash-