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Original Uploader: Anonymous — Posted: 2013/07/24 @ 17:22:52
Upvotes: 109 Downvotes: 9 Wilson: 0.8359075665998693

Colored version of Marcus Maximus comic about the Scruffy janitor issue at 4chan's /mlp/ board in June, 2013 and the departure of several generals for mlpchan's /anon/ board
Winner of an art contest
questionable31036 artist:hazama106 artist:marcusmaximus257 oc:anon3639 oc:hope169 oc:milky way1377 oc:sugar bumpkin5 oc:tracy cage175 /anon/12 /mlp/4269 4chan2594 alicorn42258 alicorn amulet852 alula280 apple bloom20914 ass worship29 berry punch3259 berryshine3254 breast milk558 colored4556 comic38738 comic sans909 crotchboobs4814 cup cake1565 earth pony40436 excessive milk20 female244301 flash sentry3153 fluffy pony5929 fluffy pony drowns73 freckles2855 g17035 grin8224 grope2250 human57589 imageboard70 impossibly large crotchboobs1479 jiggle566 lactation1345 lyra heartstrings12919 macro1992 mare95077 milk1159 milk squirt303 minuette2523 mlpchan94 moot40 mr moochick32 nudity77205 oc109426 parent:lyra heartstrings193 pegasus51776 pinkie pie85158 plot20226 pluto206 pokémon3289 pony178469 princess erroria194 rainbow dash91572 rin3 satyr1044 scruffy56 slowpoke165 slowpoke (pokémon)92 smiling40373 smooze352 sweetie belle21221 text16420 the scruffening25 token fluffy pony6 trixie19576 tulpa117 tulpamancer5 unicorn45329 vulgar7932 weaponized boobs22 weaponized crotchboobs17


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