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This is a thing. It happened. And I'm not the least bit sorry about it either.

My only regret is not getting into this show sooner. It's very funny, with a great cast of characters, and I couldn't resist doodling a couple dozen of 'em.
safe549373 artist:jbwarner8611 apple bloom20914 applejack65046 big macintosh12211 bon bon6473 cutie mark crusaders7584 derpy hooves25881 discord12513 dj pon-312967 doctor whooves5400 earth pony40436 fluttershy82118 lyra heartstrings12919 male65622 mane seven2247 mane six12132 octavia melody9562 parasprite1186 photo finish1179 pinkie pie85158 pony178469 rainbow dash91572 rarity67686 scootaloo22590 sketch dump968 snails2449 snips1801 spike28572 stallion17381 steven magnet322 sweetie belle21221 sweetie drops6473 time turner5399 trixie19576 twilight sparkle106693 vinyl scratch12967 zebra4364 zecora3757


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